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Silkin Management Group, founded in 1982, is one of the leading consulting firms in the United States and Canada for the combined dentistry, optometry and veterinary professions.

Over the last quarter of a century, through delivering to over 4000 private practices, we have found one unwavering management fact:  The only reason a practice stops growing or becomes stressful is because the practice owner has reached his or her level of management skill.

We are in the business of bringing the level of a doctor’s management skills up to the level of his or her technical skills. By doing so, we’ve helped thousands of doctors create practices that are viable, stable, efficient, organized, stress-free and enjoyable. Silkin has made it possible for our clients to fulfill the purposes they had for practicing in the first place, and we can do the same for you.

“In the years I’ve been associated with Silkin, I’ve gone from producing $198,000 per year to $1,500,000 per year. I’ve cut my hours from 4.5 days per week to 2.5 days per week. We averaged 17 new patients a month and now we do over 120 per month. Our growth has been about 20% per year. ” Dr. T.N.,Colorado

Doctors and other professionals are trained in their specific vocation, but get little to no business management education as part of their professional schooling. We provide that missing link through training and consulting in the nuts and bolts of how to effectively and efficiently manage a practice. We work with and educate our clients in vital practice management areas such as personnel management (hiring, training and correcting staff), effective low cost marketing for new patients/clients, treatment plan presentations that are simple and work, increasing production and increasing net income through effective and efficient staffing and management systems, financial planning, cost control, patient retention, patient reactivation and quality control.

Because each practice has its own unique problems, we do not take a “cookie-cutter” approach to dealing with our clients. Each client has his or her own individualized program that is based solely and only on what they want to achieve with their practice, not what we or anyone else feels they should achieve. Every client has a personal consultant to help them implement the management techniques and systems that they learn in order to achieve their goals. This is a key to our success.

“Silkin really excels in the area of follow-up. They stay with you as long as needed and they do what is needed to get the results you want. From my point of view, that’s really the job of a consultant: to see that you actually implement the plans and programs that take you where you want to go with your practice. That’s where they do a superior job over other firms I’ve looked into. They didn’t just give me a few good ideas and then leave it up to me to do something with them. They didn’t suggest anything that was merely a temporary solution. They gave me specific, concrete ‘nuts and bolts’ actions to implement and followed through with us until each one was done.” Dr. D.R., Oregon

Based upon the extensive metrics that we follow, our client satisfaction rate runs regularly at 90% or higher.

We practice in our company what we teach and preach to our clients. As a result, Silkin Management Group has received the following recognitions:

Silkin Management Group was awarded “Consultant of the Year” by Consultants Reports magazine, a locally published magazine for business consultants.

Silkin Management Group was also named one of the hundred best companies to work for in Oregon by Oregon Business magazine. At the time of this award Silkin Management Group ranked 39th among small businesses in Oregon, and also made the top 50 among all businesses in Oregon ranking 44th overall.

Silkin Management Group also received a special recognition in the magazine for placing fifth amongst all businesses in Oregon for career development and learning for employees.

We can help you achieve the goals you want out of your practice and achieve the quality of life that a successful practice provides.

Contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.

“Before I signed on, I was young, burned out, stressed and had nothing to show for it for the amount of work I was doing. Now I’m not burned out, I love what I’m doing, I have a family that I love and enjoy and spend a lot of time with. That would never have been real before.” Dr. J.A., Texas

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