Website Analysis

In today’s tech-savvy world, a business must have an online presence, online marketing activities and online reputation management in order to thrive. A business that fails to establish and maintain these things is essentially invisible to consumers and at the mercy of tough competition and online reputation threats and attacks. A strong website is the first basic building block of a strong online reputation, and a way for a business to communicate about their brand and their message to target consumers so as to build a mutually-beneficial relationship.
Understanding the vital importance of establishing and maintaining a website and a good online reputation does not automatically mean that all business websites will achieve the desired results. A business can create a website that communicates all about their brand, their products or services and that looks highly attractive, but yet does not perform as desired. So how can they prevent or remedy this?

About Website Analysis

The purpose of a website analysis is to determine exactly how consumers perceive a business and brand based on their website. It will be able to demonstrate how well a business can be found when a consumer searches for it, whether a business’ brand is uniform and consistent across all website pages and how a business is seen in comparison to their competitors. It can tell the business exactly what is working well on the website and what needs attention and work, and it can also provide valuable information that can allow a business to refine their marketing techniques in order to improve results. Some of this information may include:

  • How many total visitors come to the website and how many of these visitors are completely new. In order to generate more website traffic, a business first has to understand where their traffic is coming from and what quality of traffic they are receiving. In other words, if website traffic is mostly generated by searching for keywords that aren’t integral to a business or brand and if this traffic is largely composed of individuals who fall outside the business’ target audience, something has to be done to improve the website so as to communicate to the target audience with effective, relevant keywords.
  • The quality of external, internal, outbound and inbound links. While any sort of link to a website may seem to be beneficial to driving up overall web traffic, the truth is that bad links can actually work to destroy a website’s professional appearance. As part of a website analysis, all external, internal, outbound and inbound links should be thoroughly checked for effectiveness.
  • How website pages rank in search engine results due to relevant keyword usage. Keyword usage can sometimes feel like a hit or miss proposition, because what a business thinks is obvious and relevant to their business or brand may not be so obvious to consumers who are searching for businesses in that category. The difference in a business website’s keyword usage and a consumer’s search engine query keyword usage can obviously make a huge difference in website traffic. A website analysis can help a business to determine exactly which keywords are working well for them, and which keywords aren’t doing anything. Since search engines rank website pages based on how these pages rank in searches, using effective, relevant keywords can be critical to a website’s overall search engine optimization.
  • How well website content is working. In order to be effective, web content needs to be original and high-quality, communicating about the business and brand in such a way that it attracts positive attention. A website analysis can help a business understand exactly how they must improve their content in order to have better search engine optimization.

A website analysis is an invaluable tool because by understanding how a business is performing online, one can better understand how the business is perceived by consumers and work on areas that need attention. This will allow for the development of a better, more effective web presence and therefore a more visible and successful business.