A Checklist for Finding a Hygienist – Part 2

A Checklist for Finding a Hygienist – Part 2

Yesterday, on one of our Silkin Management Group blog sites, we presented some initial recruitment ideas for how our dental clients could find a new hygienist.

Today we will present some more ideas on this subject. Most of these ideas can be used to recruit any type of staff member, but some are specific to finding a hygienist.

• Mention that you’re recruiting for a new hygienist in your newsletter, website and any mailings that you send to your patients.

• Contact state and national hygiene societies. Put an ad in their newsletters/journals/websites depending on what they allow. See if you can acquire a membership mailing list and send a letter to the list.

• Contact hygiene schools and put a notice on their bulletin board and in any newsletter or other regular piece that they produce. See if you can acquire a graduate/alumni mailing list and send out a letter to the list.

• Contact dental schools and see if you can acquire a recent graduate list (last 2-3 years) and send them a letter. Also put a notice/ad in their alumni newsletter.

• Put notices up on local bulletin boards.

• Talk with any social or professional groups you belong to (i.e. Chamber of Commerce, etc.). Use their notice boards, newsletters and any other publication they might have that you can post an ad on.

• Contact temporary employment services.

• Pass the word to any vendors you use.

• Ask any colleagues if you can talk to their hygienist to see if they know anybody you might be able to contact. Give 100% assurance to your colleague and the hygienist that you will not recruit that person nor accept them as a recruit.

If you apply these ideas, as well as the ones mentioned in our above referenced Silkin Management Group blog you will have a much easier time finding a good hygienist.

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