FEATURE: Dr. Bryan Holman – Newest Member of Silkin’s Million Dollar Club

Dr. Bryan Holman took his nine person team to the top in 2019, with practice Production hitting the million dollar mark for the very first time, and more than a month still left in the year!

Less than seven years since he purchased it, River Region Vision Source, a single location practice, has grown exponentially under the guidance of Dr. Holman and his Silkin Consultant, Dave McKevitt.

Then a new practice owner, Dr. Holman signed on with Silkin in the winter of 2015.

Less than four years later, he is making his practice goals a reality – first with his induction into the Silkin Million Dollar Club, and then by entering into negotiations to acquire a second practice location in 2020.

To learn more about how he made his time with Silkin a great investment, we interviewed Dr. Bryan Holman…

As the owner of River Region Vision Source in Millbrook, Alabama, Dr. Holman was interviewed about his experience as a hometown optometrist and what it has meant for his career as a practice owner to have a Silkin Consultant on speed dial.

Silkin: Hello Dr. Holman! Thanks for joining us. Congratulations on making it into the Silkin Million Dollar Club. I bet you are pretty excited about 2020.

Dr. Holman: Yeah, we actually hit the million dollar mark last month, earlier than I thought we would. So I’m closing up the last week in December – and taking the whole team on a carnival cruise to Mexico

Silkin: Wow. Sounds like an incredible way to reward those who helped you make it to the top. How many team members do you have?

Dr. Holman: It’s definitely something we’re all excited about. I have three front staff, three back, plus my office manager and one other. So nine total staff in the practice right now.

Silkin: You mean to say you made a million in production with just nine staff…including yourself?

Dr. Holman: That’s right.

Silkin: Incredible! Okay, tell us how you did it.

Dr. Holman: Working with [Silkin Consultant] Dave, who helped me a lot on staff management. The team we have now is hands down the best in the history of our practice.

It’s also about tracking statistics. Not just any graphs, but knowing which ones to watch right NOW. Dave is a genius at that, and cuts out the overwhelm.

Silkin: What do you like the most about working with Dave McKevitt as your consultant?

Dr. Holman: He has an energy that can be felt right through the phone. Dave is a lot of fun! I’ve been to Portland for the Basic Management Workshops where I got to meet him face-to-face, and just had a great experience working together so far.

Silkin: That’s great. So, what advice would you give to a new Silkin client – one who is just starting their relationship with their own consultant?

Dr. Holman: Don’t postpone things. Hold yourself accountable to each action step on your program. There can be a lot of things to get done, and I know it’s overwhelming. The only way to make it stop being overwhelming is to put a time stamp on each thing you say you’re gonna do. Just decide it needs to be done, and say you’ll do it and then get it done.

Silkin: Well, clearly you’re the king at that! Thanks so much for joining us and congrats again.

Next, we asked Dr. Bryan Holman’s consultant at Silkin, Dave McKevitt, what it’s like working with Bryan:

Dave McKevitt: Bryan is one of the most ambitious and proactive people I have met. He is a visionary’s visionary – big ideas, a ‘sky’s the limit’ kind of guy. 

Over the years, he has culled his team to a group of “players”, AND he has an Office Manager who can keep up with him – and I think at times get ahead of him – a very comparable person.  They make a remarkable team. 

“Working with Bryan is like: give management tech tips and suggestions that will contribute to his motion – and don’t get in the way …cuz Bryan is going places!”

– Dave McKevitt

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