Owners Conference

Columbia Cliff Villas, Columbia River Gorge

Allison Inn & Spa

Columbia Cliff Villas, Columbia River Gorge

Columbia Cliff Villas

Real Doctors. Real Problems. Real Solutions.

Take a step back from your environment and immediate issues to join us and other like minded owners.

Morning sessions will be keynote speakers covering an array of relevant topics. One of the more popular speakers will be the CEO of Silkin Management and you don’t want to miss this. Afternoon sessions are presented by several of our successful clients, your peers. In addition, other solutions present themselves at the conference because of the numerous opportunities at this event to confer with other doctors and together find solutions.

Discussions are lively, but the experience and know-how is all about business. You will hear new ideas and will get inspiration from different viewpoints. This unique event has limited seating because we’ve found that close, informal discussions with peers and keynote speakers can be, by themselves, of the greatest value. This event has been life-changing for many owners because they feel they got gains beyond your expectation.

We look forward to hearing from you very soon because seating is limited.

Columbia Cliff Villas

Hood River, Oregon

  • Silkin Owners Conference - Columbia Cliffs Villa
  • Silkin Owners Conference - Columbia Cliffs Villa
  • Silkin Owners Conference - Columbia Cliffs Villa
  • Silkin Owners Conference - Columbia Cliffs Villa
  • Silkin Owners Conference - Columbia Cliffs Villa
  • Silkin Owners Conference - Columbia Cliffs Villa

The Allison Inn & Spa: Luxury Resort

Newberg, Oregon

  • Silkin Owners Conference - Allison Inn
  • Silkin Owners Conference - Allison Inn
  • Silkin Owners Conference - Allison Inn
  • Silkin Owners Conference - Allison Inn
  • Silkin Owners Conference - Allison Inn
  • Silkin Owners Conference - Allison Inn
  • Silkin Owners Conference - March 2015 - Allison Inn
  • Silkin Owners Conference - March 2015 - Allison Inn
  • Silkin Owners Conference - March 2015 - Allison Inn

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June 2015
Allison Inn & Spa

March 2015

A unique conference held at beautiful venues in the Pacific Northwest. The Keynote speaker is Fred King, the CEO of Silkin Management Group. He is the owner of a small business speaking to you, an owner of your business.

Fred is joined by several industry speakers, some of which are nationally known. These speakers cover topics such as finances, public relations, marketing, and practice transition.

In addition to one of the most popular part of this conference is having our successful clients as speakers and roundtable moderators.

We think this is one of the best services we have to deliver to our clients. But don’t listen to us, listen to your peers…

What our clients have to say about their experience at the Owner’s Conference.

Overall Conference

“I personally had everything I could imagine in this conference. All speakers, conversations, round table interactions and venue were perfect!”
“Many thanks! Very inspiring.”
“It was great being with a group of people who truly want to improve their condition in life.”
“It has opened our eyes to the bigger picture.”
“We are going home energized and with a renewed purpose.”

Keynote Speaker: Fred King,
Owner of Silkin Management Group

“Mr. King is a very insightful, inspiring, dynamic speaker.”
“He set the stage on owner’s influence and importance of owner.”
“I learned beyond what I expected. “
“He’s a great teacher and makes it entertaining and memorable.”
Priceless information”
“Listening to Fred is like having your best friend talk to you.”
“Having Fred as the keynote speaker was the single most brilliant part of the format of the conference. The tone was set, the knowledge transmitted with maximum efficiency, the inspiration was received.”

Speaker: Sheridan Cyrus, DDS

“Wonderful presentation. Very uplifting.”
Amazing man. Great use of the tone scale.”
“He inspires me to take the time to help more socially.”
“His game and motivation go far beyond his practice. It is inspiring to hear what he is able to accomplish.”

Speaker: Jay Anderson, DVM

“I would love to be able to be an owner like Jay – an owner with leisure time.”
“Whoa! I’m inspired”
“He can actually be absent from his practice and it all runs without him!”
“He is an inspiration to me. He has accomplished so much and has done it by using this management technology.”
Wow – the energy when Jay speaks is palpable!”
“Jay has inspired me. I want to enjoy my practice like him.”
Crazy helpful. I want to be this guy in 5 years.”

Speaker: David Barnes, DDS

Amazing speaker! “Excellent! A great resource.”
Great talk. Explained steps one by one for the process of hiring associates to selling the practice.
“Learned a lot about the transition of selling the practice and retiring. Very good.”

Speaker: Alan Methven, DDS

“My favorite speaker of the day. Very candid. He basically told us what he did to get the results of buying, managing, and selling multiple practices. No fluff.”
“Good to see that practice transitions can go well and get some ideas as to how to do that. Interesting pieces of information regarding handling of real estate, valuing non-compete clauses etc.”

Speaker: Paul McCann, DVM

“How he streamlined his practice got me thinking. He gave me more ideas on problem solving.”
“He is a font of wisdom. His compassion is obvious and comes through in everything he says.”

Speaker: Steven Reed, OD

“Great round table. Got great ideas.”
“Steve was very good at moderating the discussion and giving good suggestions about how to solve common problems that affect most of our practices.”

Industry Speaker: Beverly Roberts

Best talk of the conference. This will help me train my office manager to perform better.”
“Gave exceptionally valuable, practical ideas for our practice. She is an excellent resource for the questions I had about employee concerns.”

Industry Speaker: Christopher Music, Econologics Financial Coach

“I enjoyed his personal energy and enthusiasm.”
“Investment advisors have failed me in the past and I needed this!”
“I enjoyed learning the 10 maxims to become a millionaire.”

Industry Speaker: Jason Wydro, Marketing and Social Media

“Jason did a great job of presenting a very important topic- online presence.”
“Concrete steps to review and put into place to maximize our web presence.”
“Terrific advice about the management of online reviews. Authentic advice toward solutions to increase presence and reduce negative comments.”

Industry Speaker: Bruce Wiseman, On Target Marketing

“Very good information on Surveys, Buttons and Positioning.”
“Really good concepts and great examples of what works and what doesn’t work”

Industry Speaker, Mike Dinsio, Bank of America

“Good topic. Many people don’t understand the concept of ‘cash flow vs profitability’.”
“Good information on how to think about loans and practice valuation.”
“Excellent that he provided averages for our industry to compare against the Profit and Loss.”