Practice Potential Assessment

Practice Potential AssessmentThe Silkin Management Group system is based on 30+ years of practice management research and implementation.

Silkin offers this assessment at no cost or obligation for any doctor that is genuinely interested in improving the performance of their practice.

How Will I Benefit from This Assessment?

You will receive an in-depth evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your practice covering the Seven key areas of modern practice management.

  • Targets and Goals
    A common mistake owners make is scrambling to tend to the noisiest issues in the practice without regard as to whether they are the most important issues to resolve. This error is often traced back to the lack of setting specific goals. One consequence of this is that the owner spends time tending to areas that don’t further the real progress of the practice. Some of the more common reasons for the lack of setting goals are: not knowing what is realistic, having no time to set goals, and uncertainty on how to accomplish the goals, making setting them a moot point. One of the first things that is done during the analysis is to sort out exactly what the owner is trying to accomplish with his practice.
  • Statistical Trends
    Data evaluation of the statistical trends of your practice over the last 12 months. This is to determine the causes of any major uptrends or downtrends in your practice. In addition, your consultant will be looking for personnel problems, changes, promotional activities, etc., to ascertain the reasons for past growth, loss of growth, or practice plateaus.
  • Marketing Strategy
    Examination of internal and/or external marketing methods and their effectiveness.
  • Staff Evaluations
    Noncompliance, internal staff-workflow jams, and other internal staff problems.
  • Financial Monitoring
    Financial planning and any problems relating to accounts receivable, payable, bookkeeping, accounting, delinquent accounts, collections over the counter, insurance billing payroll, etc.
  • Observation of Notable Facts
    Close study of any other areas that you may have attention on in relation to the success of your practice.
  • Sort Out of Management Functions
    Most owners have a difficult time juggling their doctoral responsibilities with their management role. Even further, a lot of owners are unsure of what management functions they should be doing. Part of the analysis is to sort this out.

Who Will Conduct the Assessment?

A certified senior management analyst with over 30 years of consulting and training experience specific to your field of practice.

Why Does Silkin Offer This at No Cost?

It is a way for us to prove our worth and “put our money where our mouth is” and because doctors get useful and helpful recommendations that they can immediately implement and see results from. Simply put, it’s a win-win situation.