Recruiting New Employees

Who, what, where, when and how.

In any practice or a business, it is a 100% certainty you will need new employees at some time or another, either to replace employees who leave or to help the practice grow. Where do you find the type of people you want to work with, people that you can trust and that will want to see your practice or business succeed? Read on.


The most obvious source to be used in recruiting new personnel is the newspaper. But before we discuss the ad itself, let’s take a look at some basics.

Never lower your standards when looking for a staff member. Keep your standards high and remember that you not only want a top quality person, but you deserve that person! Your practice and business growth depends upon people who are bright, energetic, sensitive, intelligent and outgoing. Be willing to compete for that type of person.

Also realize that possible candidates, the type of people you are looking for may not be “actively” looking for new jobs. Some of the most qualified individuals already have jobs, but may be looking for a change. These individuals may seem like “cold prospects”, but they actually do “skim” through the want-ads just to see what is out there. So it is very important to develop an advertisement that will attract the person you are looking for.

In your ads, use a larger 2-column ad rather than a standard one-column ad. A larger ad may be more costly, but it could very well pay off by gaining greater, faster and more qualified responses because what you are saying will stand out and be seen more easily by more people.

The Sunday paper is definitely the best time to run your ad. Sunday/Monday is a very successful combination for running an ad as people who are looking will look through Sunday’s paper and continue “looking” at least through Monday’s paper as well. Suburban weekly newspapers are also considered good places to advertise since they often remain in the home all week.

Do not waste your valuable ad dollars by advertising right before a major holiday, as people are less likely to read the classifieds. They are too involved with other matters, and will usually look after the holidays.


Use an attention-grabbing headline to get peoples’ curiosity, such as “Are You Motivated?” or “Do You Have What It Takes To Be My Assistant?” or “Are You A People Person?”

Offer a competitive salary and benefits. Check around your area and learn what colleagues pay their staffs. You can do this by asking or by simply looking in the newspaper under the classifieds. List the salary range. Fewer people will respond if they do not have any idea of the pay involved.

List specific job duties and skills, e.g. “Must have good people skills and be able to handle a busy client and patient load while maintaining a good sense of humor,” or “Must be able to take initiative and think on your feet.”

Say who you are. This is optional but realize that “blind box” ads have a lower response rate than ads that reveal the employer. To avoid being deluged with phone calls and walk-ins, state in your ad that you will not accept applications in that manner. For example, “Resumes only. No phone calls or walk-ins please.”

End your ad with an invitation to action. Tell interested applicants how to apply and to whom, i.e. “Send resume and cover letter to (NAME) at (ADDRESS).

Keep a file of all the classified ads you run, along with a list of responses to each ad. This will help you determine what ads work the best. Also, when an applicant comes in, ask them which features of your ad drew them to the interview. This could come in very useful at a later date.


Employment agencies are another source of recruiting employees, but can sometimes be quite expensive. When dealing with an agency, ensure that you clearly understand their policies and arrangements. Have them put this in writing for you.

If you decide to use the services of an agency, be prepared to state the exact requirements for the position, or your time could be wasted by unqualified applicants phoning you.

For example,






By letting friends, colleagues, and even patients know that you have a position to fill in the practice, you may find that just the right person comes your way. Never rule out the possibility that it might be easier than you think to find that new employee simply through communicating with your own connections.


As mentioned above, one of your clients may prove to be just the person you are looking for to fill an open position. By posting an employment opportunity notice on your bulletin board, you may find an interested patient whom you already know, and who knows and respects you and would love to work for you. If you use this method, construct an attractive, professional and intriguing notice to be displayed. For any interested inquiries, schedule a formal interview.


If at all possible, test all applicants using a battery of personnel tests so that you can increase your odds of finding the best person. Silkin Management Group has a set of three tests that all of our clients use to help in this regard.

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