Remote and Video Training Workshops For Healthcare Practices – With Silkin Management Group

Because of the recent public health concerns, we are putting more focus on how Silkin Management Group can be there for you, despite and throughout the current crisis.

Normally, the Portland Academy Workshops are some of our most popular services, with doctors, practice owners & their management staff flying in from all across the US and Canada…

Silkin workshop attendees
Attendees at a Silkin Basic Management Workshop in Portland, OR

But staying at the forefront of modern technology has always been a priority for us.  And, with the current health crisis around the world, we are more proud than ever of our state-of-the-art remote consulting & training services!

Your health & success are our top priority. That is why we offer remote video training, and nearly all of our consulting is conducted over video conference or telephone calls directly with clients like you.

How Silkin Remote Video Courses and Workshops Can Work For You

It starts with a call to your consultant, who helps guide you to the correct remote video training service for you. If you’re not already an active client, you can schedule a time to speak with us about your training needs.

Once paid for, your name is given to the Director of Training, Isabella King, who contacts your practice and schedules the delivery. She will also find out exactly what is needed and wanted in the training and customize it to fit your needs, in close coordination with your consultant.

Director of Training Isabella King schedules a client for their remote video training

We know that fussing with Audio/Visual equipment is not high on your list of to-do’s!

That’s why we have a dedicated team member who does a pre-call test with you, to ensure you have everything you need for a great customer service experience. 

Director of Technical Services Leigh Goldian does a pre-call A/V test

Prior to your scheduled day, one of our Silkin Trainers will reach out to you by email to introduce themselves, and set expectations for your training. 

Once the day arrives, our professional expert will dial you in to a state-of-the-art conferencing system where you can see, hear and experience the training face-to-face!

Their entire purpose is to ensure you not only understand the material you are studying – but know with certainty that you can apply it. That’s why, after every call, the Trainer will ask you, “Do you feel you received the expected value from today’s call?”

Silkin Trainer & Marketing Specialist Sarah Nadler delivers training to remote clients

After each block of consulting is complete, our Quality Controller & Lead Consultant Eric Korb will reach out to you. We know how busy you are. Most Quality Control calls are less than 10 minutes long.

His mission is to ensure you got everything out of the service that you wished for. He asks you several questions, ensuring you are 100% satisfied.

Quality Controller Eric Korb ensures clients are 100% satisfied

And then it’s back to your Silkin Consultant, who will continue to push, debug and drive you toward your next Big Hairy Audacious Goal with evaluations, programs, and accountability calls that help you implement Silkin’s Standard Practice Systems™!

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