Sample Vendor Agreement for an Optometry Office

We deliver practice management consulting and training to health care practices throughout the U.S. and Canada. Many of Silkin’s clients are optometrists. Therefore we thought we’d offer up a sample vendor agreement that optometrists, whether Silkin Management Group clients or not, could use as a possible template when working with optical vendors.

Sample Vendor Agreement

Because of the quality of frames and the service provided by (Vendor Name)
we at (Office Name) have chosen your company as one of our primary suppliers.

Your company has been allocated __________ board spaces.

As our frame representative, you will be expected to do the following at each appointment:

1. Check the condition of your frames (i.e. all screws tightened, nosepads intact, lenses cleaned and replaced if missing.)

2. Take an inventory of your frames. Discontinued product will be pulled from the
boards and exchanged for current releases chosen by the frame buyer.

3. All frames not sold within 2 months of the date received (see date on frame tag)
should also be pulled and replaced for best selling product.

4. Give a copy of orders and returns/exchanges with the total estimated dollar
amount to the buyer. Give a pre-addressed label for returns sent to your
company for credit. All returns need to be wrapped and ready to be mailed out.

5. Information updates should be provided on the following items:

a. Update frame catalog and new sizes/colors on frames.

b. Provide information on new materials, handling, adjusting, etc.

c. Provide buyer with all current information and materials related to promotions, sales, specials, displays and merchandising.

6. Provide buyer with a copy of the computerized monthly frame usage report issued by your company.

7. Check with buyer to verify that all returns and credits have been processed and
nothing is outstanding.

8. Appointments with the buyer will be scheduled on a two-month cycle. At every visit the buyer will review new products from each vendor unless specified otherwise.

A review of each company’s product, service and sales representative’s performance
will be conducted every six months. Each sales representative will be notified of the
determination after the review.

The frame buyer reserves the right to increase or decrease board spaces or terminate the contract with a frame representative at any given time.

The above terms and conditions clarify the business relationship between the frame vendors and this office. We trust this agreement will help to insure a profitable and rewarding business partnership.

_________________________________ _____________________
Frame Representative Date

____________________________________ ________________________
For (Name of Office) Date

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