How to Stop Seeming (and Feeling) Pushy and Start Getting An Enthusiastic “YES!” to Your Treatment Plan Presentation

Do you feel “pushy” when you present a treatment plan to your patients or clients?  When you get an objection such as, “That price is pretty steep!” or, “I didn’t expect it to be…” does that fluster you, or end your presentation? If you’re not in control of the conversation, it’s likely your patient or client is controlling you!  What if …

Silkin Management Group Review, Dr. Stacy Steele, DVM

Stacy Steele, DVM interview – With Silkin’s CEO Fred King

In this interview, Dr. Stacy Steele of Ocean Shores Animal Hospital explains how Silkin Management Group has helped her veterinary practice grow over the years. Fred asks the tough questions about how Silkin has helped her and her practice. It’s an enlightening, fun and friendly interview you certainly don’t want to miss. Learn more about Dr. Steele and her practice.