Silkin Management Group Reviews

Silkin Management Group helps lay the groundwork for a streamlined, stable and productive practice. Continued implementation and follow up are all integral parts of the Silkin management group system. Check out some of our client letters, videos and reviews below.

“In the years I’ve been associated with Silkin, I’ve gone from producing $198,000 per year to $1,500,000 per year. I’ve cut my hours from 4.5 days per week to 2.5 days per week. We averaged 17 new patients a month and now we do over 120 per month. Our growth has been about 20% per year.”Dr. T.N., Colorado
“Silkin really excels in the area of follow-up. They stay with you as long as needed and they do what is needed to get the results you want. From my point of view, that’s really the job of a consultant: to see that you actually implement the plans and programs that take you where you want to go with your practice. That’s where they do a superior job over other firms I’ve looked into. They didn’t just give me a few good ideas and then leave it up to me to do something with them. They didn’t suggest anything that was merely a temporary solution. They gave me specific, concrete ‘nuts and bolts’ actions to implement and followed through with us until each one was done.”Dr. D.R., Oregon
“Before I signed on, I was young, burned out, stressed and had nothing to show for it for the amount of work I was doing. Now I’m not burned out, I love what I’m doing, I have a family that I love and enjoy and spend a lot of time with. That would never have been real before.”Dr. J.A., Texas
“Our daily and weekly production have now hit the highest peaks ever. We have also been able to hire two excellent staff using your hiring methods.”Dr. C.S.
“We were up 23% in November! Thank-you for the great job training my staff – it’s the best investment I can make. Clients comment on the competence and compassion of my staff several times a day!”Dr. K.L., Maryland
“Although many colleagues have been struggling lately we have been consistent in our goal of reaching 1 million this year.”Dr. B.P., Missouri
“One aspect of Silkin’s program that I believe is superior to other management consultants is that they place a tremendous emphasis on implementation. With them, it’s not a case of attending seminars, getting all “hyped up” and then going back to the office only to find out everything is the same. Silkin makes sure that the changes that need to occur in an office actually occur. Implementing systems and procedures that improve the condition of the practice is something they excel in.”Dr. C.Z., Louisiana
“Outstanding presentation. The small group was nice in that the speaker gave individualized attention and was familiar with each office. I wish I had received this information many years ago.”Dr. P.S.
“The service I just received was invaluable. I cannot put a monetary amount on it or begin to tell you how much it will positively affect my life and livelihood. I am so impressed and amazed at the clinic specific approach. I already feel like I understand practice problems and how to handle them so much better. With this step by step approach I know production will increase and stress will decrease and my life will be much more enjoyable for myself, my staff and my family. Thank-you!!”Dr. C.C., Oklahoma