Tips for Hiring a Marketing Coordinator

In a series of articles presented last week on some of our Silkin Management Group blog sites we discussed the various responsibilities and job duties of a marketing coordinator in a specialty practice. Specialty practices require a different method of marketing than a general practice as they often rely primarily on referrals from general practices. If you take a look at our previous articles you’ll see some of the key aspects of the marketing activities for a specialty practice.

Our last article mentioned that we would present some ideas on how to interview a prospective marketing director for a specialty practice.

Prior to coming in for the interview, we suggest that you have candidates look through your website. Give them15-20 minutes, if needed, to really have a chance to inspect it closely, watch a video or two and spend enough time to get a grasp of what the practice does. They may have already done this prior to the interview.

Have the candidate read the job description fully and allow them enough time to peruse it. Answer any questions about the points on the description above.

Once they have read it and their questions have been answered, select specific areas of the job description to get their thoughts on:

“What’s your idea of the type of treatment and service that we provide here?” You want to see what level of understanding they got from looking over the site, as well as their observational and comprehension skills.

What is their general approach to marketing? Do they have a particular philosophy about it?

How would they differentiate marketing from sales?

What, in their opinion, is good marketing that they have observed recently? This can be anything from Budweiser TV commercials to Callaway Golf Clubs. Ask “Why do you consider that good marketing?”

What are some poor marketing approaches that they have seen? Again, this can be any thing from local to national campaigns on radio, TV, print etc. Find out what it is about that particular marketing that he/she didn’t like.

Ask “How would you analyze referral patterns and trends in patient referrals?” “Give me an example of how you would address a trend in overall patient referrals going into a decline over a period of a month or two.” The answer you want is that they would drill down to find the specific areas within the patient referral base from which the decline was coming, and take appropriate actions to resurrect any referral sources that had dried up or gone down. You could pursue this with them to ask for what kinds of things might be useful that they could do to deal with this.

Find out what kind of marketing strategy/planning they have been involved in (as much detail as possible)? Where/when was it? What was the outcome?

If they were going into a situation where new business was falling off, what would they do as their first actions or tasks? What kind of approach would they take?

How would they see their interaction and involvement with the patient treatment and management regarding development of marketing plans?

How do they see customer service issues in relation to the overall marketing of the practice and its services?

Have them look over the practice’s main website. After they have done this, ask them, “Give me your impression of the site. What do you think should be done to improve site? Give me some specifics on how you would do this.”

These are just a few ideas you can use when interviewing a potential marketing coordinator.

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