“Trunk Shows” for Optometrists

Many of our clients are optometric private practice owners. They come to us for a variety of reasons including needing more new patients, increasing productivity and net income, staff problems, financial planning, how to market and many other practice management situations.

When we first meet with a client new to Silkin Management Group we do an in-depth evaluation of the practice and put together a unique, step by step written practice management implementation program that takes up, in a prioritized sequence, each issue that needs to be handled in the practice.

At some point in the program we normally help the practice owner with effective marketing techniques. One of those for an optometry practice is what is called a “trunk show” or “style show”. The trunk show name comes from the concept of the frame rep transporting the product (frames) in a trunk type case with slide out trays.

Here’s some information we tell Silkin Management Group optometric clients on why to do these types of shows:

• Optometrists are in the retail business. Although, of course, they do deliver a medical product, a significant part of their practice income comes from frame and lens sales. Trunk Shows are an opportunity to promote new product to the public.

• Properly promoted, it is a great way to get new patients to walk into the practice.

• It is also an opportunity to pick the Rep’s skull clean of any and all “bright ideas” that he/she has seen at other practices. This can include various ways to present the product on the boards. As an example, one rep suggested putting sunglass clip-ons on all of the frames running across at one level rather than scattered about the board. This helped the aesthetics of the presentation which helped sales.

• The rep can be used to do some training with the staff on sales in general as well as the selling of their frames. Reps are usually good sales people so they can be helpful in this area.

• These shows create future sales. We always tell Silkin Management Group clients to not necessarily expect the result of the show to be a highest ever day, but to look at the day as a way to build the future through increased product awareness.

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