Silkin Management Group offers a series of basic management workshops covering a variety of areas of practice management including:

  • Office Policy
  • Job Descriptions (for the various positions in the office)
  • Staff Hiring
  • Staff Training
  • Office Efficiency
  • Internal Communication Systems
  • Marketing
  • Treatment Plan Presentations
  • Referrals
  • Statistical Management
  • Dr. Mentoring
  • Staff Coaching
  • Various Other Functions of Properly Managing a Practice.

Practice Potential Assessment

Begin your no-cost comprehensive, one-on-one assessment now, and get practical answers to your questions today.

Emphasizing Interaction

The workshops are not “pre-programmed” but, instead, emphasize interaction and application with each person and office attending. When you have completed the workshops, you won’t be leaving with just a pile of notes that won’t see the light of day when you get home. Rather, you will actually be fully conversant with how to apply the materials that you have learned and able to implement them upon returning to your office.

Learning Applied

We also have specialized workshops delivered in your office. These are “hands-on” workshops where, for example, your staff learn how to recall/reactivate patients and then, as part of the workshop, apply what they learned by actually calling and reactivating inactive patients. Other specialized workshops cover more advanced treatment plan presentations, specialized staff training, internal marketing for referrals, and other subjects that can be tailor made for a specific practice’s needs.

Workshop Successes

“Outstanding presentation. The small group was nice in that the speaker gave individualized attention and was familiar with each office. I wish I had received this information many years ago.”
Dr. P.S.
“This makes so much sense. I can’t wait to start putting this into action.”
Dr. S. E.
“A great workshop which helped us tackle tough situations when dealing with an employee.”
L.A. Office Manager
“This was my first workshop from Silkin and I LOVED it! I’ve been to so many workshops and seminars and I’ve never picked up as much as I have in this one.”
K.L. Staff Member
“I have so much information to use now to set up training for staff members. I don’t think we will ever be confused about whether or not an employee is going to work out again.”
K.M. Office Manager
“I saw my willing staff become more engaged and electrified than I have ever seen them. They worked hard all day, booking 89 appointments, twice my expectation.”
Dr. R.P.
“We scheduled 40 patients in 2.5 – 3 hours. Ben made it fun and easy. It’s been a great two days.”
Dr. J.J.
“After the workshop our staff is doing an incredible job of asking for referrals so our new patients are up and continuing to increase each month.”
Dr. K.J.
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