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About Silkin Management Group

Silkin Management Group is a consulting group dedicated to helping private practice owners grow and strengthen their businesses by streamlining and strengthening their management skills. There is no arguing that private practices deliver essential and highly desirable services to their clientele, which fact alone explains why they desire to succeed in business and why the public should be drawn to them. So why then are Silkin Management Group’s services necessary?

Hiring Silkin Management Group

Silkin Management Group was founded in 1983 and it has since grown into one of the leading consulting firms for private practice medical professions in both the United States and Canada. Over the past three decades, Silkin Management Group has worked with more than six thousand private practices ranging in size from small offices with few staff to multiple location practices with hundreds of staff. Interacting and working with these practices has allowed Silkin Management Group to recognize one critical fact: the only reason any practice stops growing and expanding or becomes stressful and difficult to manage is because it is lacking the key management skills that lead to stable and lasting success. These key management skills are not normally taught in medical school, and it can be frustrating for private practice owners in the medical field to have incredibly valuable services to deliver and yet struggle with the basic business structure that would permit them to deliver them. It is for this reason that Silkin Management Group’s services are necessary.

Obviously, private practice owners go into business in order to fulfill certain goals regarding improving the health and happiness of their clients. A private practice owner’s clinical skills are what determine their initial success in business, as it is these skills that drive clients to demand their services and increase their viability through word-of-mouth expansion. But it is their management skills, or lack thereof, that determine whether they will remain viable for long enough to continue delivering to their clients into the future, and this is often where private practice owners unintentionally fail. Where they spent years establishing and honing their clinical skills, it is often true that little time or effort was spent on doing the same for their management skills. However, where a private practice owner’s management skills reach the same high level as their clinical skills, it follows that their practice is viable, stable, efficient, organized, stress-free and enjoyable. Herein lies the high value of Silkin Management Group’s services.

Silkin Management Group services are tailor made for each individual private practice, taking into account the practice’s current size, staff, and productivity, as well as the location, demographics and socioeconomics of the practice. The unique management program that is designed for each private practice is directed at helping to increase that practice’s productivity and net profit. This includes streamlining the processes of recruiting, hiring, training, correcting and managing staff, providing office manager, executive and leadership training programs, establishing cost effective internal and external marketing procedures, effectively managing Accounts Receivable and collections systems, determining fee schedules, managing retirement funding and much, much more. Silkin Management Group also provides a lifetime warranty on all their services, as well as a guaranteed return on investment.

Perhaps most importantly of all, Silkin Management Group does not seek to alter the basic structure of any of the practices they work with. Instead, Silkin Management Group provides these practices with the tools they need in order to realize their full potential.

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