You need to create a team by having a staff that is trained and are professional, each one on their own job. That’s what Quality Control is all about.


Quality Control has the main job of making sure that everything that’s done in the office is superlative service to your clientele. Now we’re not talking about the area of the clinical aspect of the practice. That’s because we rarely find that to be a problem. But what we are talking about is all the other parts of the practice–how the staff checks out a patient; how is that patient and client received walking in the door? Are they greeted well? How do the assistants do in dealing with the patients while they’re waiting for the doctor to come in and see them?  

 These things are important, as well as how do the staff know their jobs and efficiently perform those jobs in a way that actually makes the day flow.   

 Patients like to come into an office and flow through and get out. When they can do that, plus have good communication with the staff, it’s an incredibly good experience. They’ll refer people because they like the practice and can efficiently get in and out. So Quality Control’s job is to make sure the staff know their job so well that that’s exactly the experience every patient has. 

Training your staff on a constant basis is what keeps their morale up and also keeps them sharp, especially on those skills that maybe they’re not so good at. If you leave them untrained they’re going to make the same mistakes over and over again. They’ll also end up bringing you problems.  

 How many times have you had it happen where in the middle of a busy day you have a staff member walk to the back of the office and tell you about a problem that’s going on? And it was their job to fix it!   

 Well here we have a staff member who is not trained enough to conquer the problems related to their own job. That’s something that Quality Control would take care of and handle. 


We’ve seen office after office where the staff wasn’t trained and the frustration built upon the lack of performance of a staff member. That turned into morale situations and the office fell apart. Why? Because the staff didn’t feel like they were doing a great job in the first place. They felt it was okay, but they didn’t find too much excitement in that office simply because they weren’t very good at what they were doing.   

Incentives are good, but they don’t solve the problem of having a staff that isn’t trained well enough to succeed and do the functions that you really want them to do.   

A great team consists of people who each, as an individual, are trained to do their job, do it well, and are confident that they can produce the results of that job. 

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Molly Mitchell

Silkin Management Group has been extremely instrumental in helping to bring our practice back from the brink! We could not have survived Covid without their guidance and support. We have grown our production and business prowess with their training. Both our consultant Sarah and our experience in the seminars they offer virtually have been so beneficial. We have been able to build our executive team and learn how to handle the day-to-day business operations. There doesn't seem to be an end to what we can learn and implement with their help and guidance. They help create and maintain a flow state of existence within our practice and in training our staff. 10/10 Recommend

Hilty Burr

I was deep in debt and I hired Silkin to help me with business management. Within about 7 years, I was able to turn my practices into a profitable enterprise, & ultimately met my goal to retire by 65 with sufficient funds for a comfortable retirement. Their method of Mgmt by Statistics gave me clear guidance on what I needed to do even on a weekly basis to adjust and make necessary changes that delivered excellent client services that resulted in maximal profits. The drudgery of the business aspects became fun and ultimately very successful enabling not only my successful retirement, but also great employee and client outcomes. This enabled me to enjoy a bidding war to purchase my practices on time for my planned retirement. Silkin’s systems & people were extraordinary & I highly recommend their guaranteed services. You cannot lose!

Richard Hulme

I have been a client of Silkin Management Group for more than 10 years. Everyone I've worked with has been professional, helpful, and highly knowledgeable. They have been able to handle every business question and scenario I have presented to them. We have seen our business grow vibrantly, and I feel more and more confident running my orthodontic practice because of their coaching and training.

Meghan Frank (MeghanBlair)

Silkin Management Group completely exceeded my expectations! I went with the owner of the vet hospital I work for and had originally thought I was in for a week of boring conferences. It was nothing like that. Everyday I was completely engaged and was actually having FUN - at a management workshop! They made everything very easy to understand, went in baby steps and made sure we understood everything before moving on. Since starting with Silkin, our production has increased by $8,000 in only 3 months!! Everyone there is so relaxed and makes you feel like family. You can tell they really care about you and your practice goals. The monthly follow up phone calls have been incredibly helpful, along with an outlined program on how to become more successful. Silkin has given me lifelong tools to use, no matter where I am. I never thought a seminar could be so much fun - totally worth it!

Marty Matz

Silkin Management is a company that doesn't just swoop in, solve your problems and then go away. They teach you how to run your business efficiently and profitably. My relationship with them began eight years ago and is still going strong today. Originally I didn't think I had much to improve in my practice, but I saw 25% growth in the first year with Silkin. Their services are very flexible so as to address any specific area of management in your practice that needs attention. When I am asked why I'm still using them, I say that "There's always new things to learn". I also believe that consulting firms are like diets, they all work for a while. The best diets involve a life-style change and are permanent. Likewise, for it to have lasting impact on one's practice, the implementation of a great management technology needs to be a long-term commitment. Thanks to Silkin I am building a new office that I will own... fulfilling another dream!

Michele Nicoletti

We have been using Silkin Management Group for almost 2 years now and I can't say enough how much we appreciate them. Our advisor Richard S. has taken a truly personal interst in our veterinary practice. He has helped organize our office and has taught us the true value of statistics over assumptions. He has always made himself available to us when ever needed. I would strongly reccomend Silkin Management to any practice that wants to move up to the next level. MN