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Molly Mitchell

Silkin Management Group has been extremely instrumental in helping to bring our practice back from the brink! We could not have survived Covid without their guidance and support. We have grown our production and business prowess with their training. Both our consultant Sarah and our experience in the seminars they offer virtually have been so beneficial. We have been able to build our executive team and learn how to handle the day-to-day business operations. There doesn't seem to be an end to what we can learn and implement with their help and guidance. They help create and maintain a flow state of existence within our practice and in training our staff. 10/10 Recommend!

Hilty Burr

I was deep in debt and I hired Silkin to help me with business management. Within about 7 years, I was able to turn my practices into a profitable enterprise, & ultimately met my goal to retire by 65 with sufficient funds for a comfortable retirement. Their method of Mgmt by Statistics gave me clear guidance on what I needed to do even on a weekly basis to adjust and make necessary changes that delivered excellent client services that resulted in maximal profits. The drudgery of the business aspects became fun and ultimately very successful enabling not only my successful retirement, but also great employee and client outcomes. This enabled me to enjoy a bidding war to purchase my practices on time for my planned retirement. Silkin’s systems & people were extraordinary & I highly recommend their guaranteed services. You cannot lose!

Dan Beeson

My Chiropractic clinic has used Silken consulting services. Originally we trained and studied methodology for organizing our clinic structure and developing a smooth flow of patients through the clinic. Recently we have integrated our services with medical and Naturpathic doctors. This has required going back to the drawing board as to structure the flow through the clinic. They are great at helping write up programs to effective getting everyone organized and working together in our clinic.

Dr. Christopher Rooney

Having a person or group that has a perspective on the intricacy of dental business is helpful. Having relevant information from whom long term study of this industry is note worthy. Having a professional with perspective that sees the major pieces of business and treatment from both a 20,000 foot view but can dive into the weeds if need be- well that is phenomenal. A must check out organization and keep checking from time to time in the email box. Chris Rooney DDS, ABOI/ID

Aubrey C

Our consultant explains concepts clearly and we see positive results when we follow through with our plan!

Wendy Skulman

Had an hour long conversation with Ken Derouchie about starting to think about a plan for retirement in the next 10-15 years. Ken left us with things to start thinking about and planning for the future.

Guy Cresson

Wow!!! I am a general dentist and have had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Ken DeRouchie on two (2) occasions. I am in this profession now for 41 years. Mr. DeRouchie went above and beyond my expectations. He seemed extremely interested in my questions and concerns. He took his time listening and making great recommendations to me regarding website design. He gave me 100% of his attention. He made sure to give me his contact information in case I had other questions. I would recommend him highly to my colleagues. He is someone who gives his best and is the best at what he gives!!!

Sam Wright

Very helpful call on Friday, with tools that I'm implementing already on Monday.

Bruce Kiraly

When we employed Silkin many years ago we took a leap of faith that they could help us grow our business and make us feel we made a good investment in their business technology. In 7 months we broke even on our $25K fee, installing business practices that we would have never done on our own. In 10 years we increased our annual receipts 5x and now have 2 office locations. All it took was Silken technology, an open mind, and our willingness to implement it once trained. We did all the work, but they opened the door. Thank you Silkin!!


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