There are many factors that go into addressing the system we call “Personnel”. At Silkin, we pay a lot of attention to this area because it’s responsible for hiring applicants for your practice, making sure they know what their job description is and how to be effective in their area. 

 You want them to be efficient, to work well with the rest of the staff and make sure they get their job duties done. 

 When hiring someone, their resume and references may be glowing, but after a few weeks on the job you might find out they aren’t the person you hoped they’d be. Problems occur when the hiring process isn’t done properly. 

 You create a team when each person knows exactly whats expected of them and also have a description that tells them what to do on the job and how to handle all the problems that may come up. 

 So, how do you know how things are going? You manage by Statistics. For example; If you have a secretary whose job is to make sure people show up for their appointments. He or she makes sure you have an efficient day. If their appointment book shows 20 for the day but only 18 arrive for that day, that is considered a down statistic for the day. If we consider that number a percentage we would say it’s 90%. You could plot that on a graph. The next day only 86% of the scheduled people show up. The next day 84%. As we look at the graph, we see it is declining. 

Maybe the person who had that job earlier had a 97% rate consistently. Now, we can see if this person is a good job or not. There’s no people with opinions about their performance because it’s right there on the graph. 

“Managing by statistics” is a valuable tool not only for personnel, but for many other areas of your practice

We have a “Manage By Statistics” course available for our clients and learning how to use this information is essential for success.  (Click here to see the course page) 

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