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With over three hundred combined years of experience, Silkin has helped more than 6000 doctors attain their professional goal of a successful practice and more freedom to truly enjoy their personal and family lives.


Silkin is here to help our clients reach their goals for their practice, their family, for themselves and their community. It’s all about their goals.


More Control:

When a client is trained on our programs they control their practice better. They shift from living in stress and “cope” to becoming a stable leader and owner that knows how to run their business. This smooths everything out. The doctor becomes happy with themselves because they are supporting their staff, their family and the community. Life becomes more enjoyable as they are the doctor they always wanted to be.

Personal Life:

Because they have a smoother running practice, they can spend more quality time with their family and friends without worrying about how the practice is going. They can take vacations. They have their finances in order for the present and the future. They can also reach out and support groups and non-profits or even run for political office, or just help the community thrive.


We found after our clients implement our programs, some become just owners and run their business from afar. Sometimes they decide to buy a number of practices and build a number of businesses. Some will stay with one and make it ultra-successful. But no matter their decision, their future is in their hands and they do what THEY decide they want to do.


Silkin was founded over forty years ago in 1982 with the mission to help doctors in the medical industry to become not only successful in their practice, but also to learn management skills in order to expand their businesses and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

We found that doctors didn’t learn how to run a successful business when they were studying to become a medical professional. Because of that, our main mission has been to train them in business management skills.

We have grown from three consultants to over twenty staff. With well over three hundred combined years of experience, we have trained over 6000 practice owners across United States and Canada.

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Molly Mitchell

Silkin Management Group has been extremely instrumental in helping to bring our practice back from the brink! We could not have survived Covid without their guidance and support. We have grown our production and business prowess with their training. Both our consultant Sarah and our experience in the seminars they offer virtually have been so beneficial. We have been able to build our executive team and learn how to handle the day-to-day business operations. There doesn't seem to be an end to what we can learn and implement with their help and guidance. They help create and maintain a flow state of existence within our practice and in training our staff. 10/10 Recommend

Hilty Burr

I was deep in debt and I hired Silkin to help me with business management. Within about 7 years, I was able to turn my practices into a profitable enterprise, & ultimately met my goal to retire by 65 with sufficient funds for a comfortable retirement. Their method of Mgmt by Statistics gave me clear guidance on what I needed to do even on a weekly basis to adjust and make necessary changes that delivered excellent client services that resulted in maximal profits. The drudgery of the business aspects became fun and ultimately very successful enabling not only my successful retirement, but also great employee and client outcomes. This enabled me to enjoy a bidding war to purchase my practices on time for my planned retirement. Silkin’s systems & people were extraordinary & I highly recommend their guaranteed services. You cannot lose!

Richard Hulme

I have been a client of Silkin Management Group for more than 10 years. Everyone I've worked with has been professional, helpful, and highly knowledgeable. They have been able to handle every business question and scenario I have presented to them. We have seen our business grow vibrantly, and I feel more and more confident running my orthodontic practice because of their coaching and training.

Meghan Frank (MeghanBlair)

Silkin Management Group completely exceeded my expectations! I went with the owner of the vet hospital I work for and had originally thought I was in for a week of boring conferences. It was nothing like that. Everyday I was completely engaged and was actually having FUN - at a management workshop! They made everything very easy to understand, went in baby steps and made sure we understood everything before moving on. Since starting with Silkin, our production has increased by $8,000 in only 3 months!! Everyone there is so relaxed and makes you feel like family. You can tell they really care about you and your practice goals. The monthly follow up phone calls have been incredibly helpful, along with an outlined program on how to become more successful. Silkin has given me lifelong tools to use, no matter where I am. I never thought a seminar could be so much fun - totally worth it!

Marty Matz

Silkin Management is a company that doesn't just swoop in, solve your problems and then go away. They teach you how to run your business efficiently and profitably. My relationship with them began eight years ago and is still going strong today. Originally I didn't think I had much to improve in my practice, but I saw 25% growth in the first year with Silkin. Their services are very flexible so as to address any specific area of management in your practice that needs attention. When I am asked why I'm still using them, I say that "There's always new things to learn". I also believe that consulting firms are like diets, they all work for a while. The best diets involve a life-style change and are permanent. Likewise, for it to have lasting impact on one's practice, the implementation of a great management technology needs to be a long-term commitment. Thanks to Silkin I am building a new office that I will own... fulfilling another dream!

Michele Nicoletti

We have been using Silkin Management Group for almost 2 years now and I can't say enough how much we appreciate them. Our advisor Richard S. has taken a truly personal interst in our veterinary practice. He has helped organize our office and has taught us the true value of statistics over assumptions. He has always made himself available to us when ever needed. I would strongly reccomend Silkin Management to any practice that wants to move up to the next level. MN