Silkin Management Group, Lifetime Warranty
Silkin’s executive and staff training courses, seminars, and workshops now carry a lifetime warranty. This lifetime warranty is retroactive and is valid for any client since the inception of Silkin in 1982.

Any course and/or workshop delivered in Portland, that has been attended by a client or client’s staff, may be attended again at no additional cost. Excluded from this warranty is the cost of any course materials.

This warranty is valid for the life of a client and is not transferable from one client’s staff member to another. The staff member who was originally trained may be retrained at no additional cost for the course(s).

Definition of a client: Anyone who has paid for and taken or received any workshop, course or seminar which Silkin offers.

All Silkin courses as outlined in our promotion carry this lifetime warranty.

Silkin Management Group, Lifetime Warranty