Job Duties for an Exam and Consultation Department in an Orthodontic Practice

Several days ago we presented information on general job duties for a Personnel and Communications Department in a health care practice.

Today we’ll continue our discussion of organizational structure examples by taking up another department in a health care practice that Silkin Management Consultants work with their clients on. We will use a specialty practice, orthodontics, in this example. We will go over the key job duties of an exam and consultation department of such a practice. These job duties can easily be adapted to the other types of health care practices that Silkin Management Group deals with including general dentists, veterinarians and optometrists.

Job Duties of the Exams and Consultation Department:

Overall In-Charge Staff Member:

• Keeps track of all patients and track of the thoroughness of all treatment including full ortho, limited ortho, TMJ.

• Removes all educational and financial barriers and gets office to accurately track the follow up care patients need.

• Makes sure adequate personnel are there, trained and productive.

Treatment Coordinator:

• Greets patients with enthusiasm.

• Seats them in exam/records room with medical history form and any additional information and X-rays.

• Records pertinent information on exam card.

• Takes necessary X-rays and makes patient feel welcome and comfortable.

• Sets up consultation room and seats patient for consultation and ensures consultation room is always in order.

• Monitors exam patients who will call back for appointments to start.

• Follows through with consultation procedure after Doctor’s consultation.

• Contacts patient after insurance predeterminations are received.

• Follows up on pending patients after records and consultation.

• Communicates with patients/parents clearly, answering all questions regarding treatment.

• Handles transferring patient’s records and forms.

Exam/Consultation Doctor:

• Orders and checks that X-rays are proper.

• Evaluates the following with the patient:

• Medical History

• Patient’s orthodontic/cosmetic problem.

• Determines if patient needs full or partial ortho treatment, TMJ, or should be placed in observation.

• Prepares for consultation with purpose of bringing about total patient understanding of their problem, maintaining excellent two way communication, interest and understanding.

• Passes patient over to treatment coordinator ensuring all understandings are communicated to her with patient present, to minimize miscommunication.

• Calls patient as needed to assist them in starting care under the direction of the Treatment Coordinator.

Collections Coordinator:

• Runs credit report.

• Contacts patient after insurance predeterminations are received.

• Handles financial arrangements so patient can start care as soon as possible.

• Handles insurance questions and calculates coverage to determine patient’s cash payments.

• Validates patient for paying and going on to treatment.

• Gets deductibles up front and co-payment.

Monitoring Production Statistic:

• Number of Patients Started on Care

• $ Value of Treatment Sold

Valuable Final Product of the Area:

• Patients Committed to Orthodontic Care.

Again, this can be adapted to any health care office. Silkin Management Group’s 400 page office policy and job description manual covers all job descriptions and example office policies for any health care practice.

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