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A struggling Orthodontist practice is a business abnormality we can help you fix.

Although you are trained to diagnose, prevent, and treat teeth, jaw irregularities, and also identify problems that may develop in the future, your training most likely never included how to run and expand your practice into a successful business. One that would not only support you, but also your staff and become a valuable part of the community itself.

At Silkin Management we specialize in making your orthodontic practice be all it can be. That includes how to set up your finances. How to hire staff and manage them. How to get new patients. How to be a successful leader, not burn yourself out. Our solutions also include making sure you can do all this and enjoy your personal life without being frustrated with your practice.

We have specific management tools, courses and workshops that have been designed based on over 30 years of working with orthodontic practices across the country. These solutions address exactly what doctors have told us year in and year out, such as:

“I’m underpaid”

“Staying current with regulations”

"Adopting new technology"

"Staying current with regulations"

"I don’t have time to work on management skills and duties"

"I can’t find good staff"

"I can’t save towards retirement"

"I’m having trouble being an effective leader"

"How do I get a consistent flow of new clients?”

We customize our management solutions to fit your individual needs.

The only reason a practice stops growing or becomes stressful is because the practice owner has reached the limit of his or her level of management skill. We bring the level of doctor’s management skills up to the level of his or her clinical skills. This shifts the practice dynamic and makes your growth almost limitless.

Our work is not only with you, the practice owner, but of course the team around you. By doing so, we create practices that are viable, stable, efficient, organized, stress-free, and enjoyable.

We separate ourself from the competition by providing our guaranteed return on investment and Silkin’s Lifetime Warranty on all our services.

How We Work With You:

You provide expert diagnosis and treatment for your patients while growing a profitable practice. You should have an exceptional team, processes, and systems in order to achieve that goal. Our consulting services guide you step-by-step in how to achieve these critical components of a thriving practice.

Six-Step SILKIN process




Staff Management



First, we’ll do an in-depth analysis of your practice to find out exactly what needs immediate solutions and from there we’ll help you formulate a winning strategy

Then, a strategy is useless unless you can successfully implement the steps. We’ll guide you and your staff through the process to completion. Completion as we see it equals RESULTS.

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