Some Ideas on a Job Description for a Practice Owner – Part 1

Although many clients of our clients have some form of job descriptions in their office, what they have is usually incomplete if not non-existent. And, even if they do have some job descriptions in place, we have never found a new Silkin Management Group client to have a job description for them as the practice owner.

Silkin Management Group’s 400 plus page Job Description and Office Policy Manual provides each client with detailed office policies and job descriptions and job duties for every important job in the office, including the doctor and practice owner (each being its own job description). This manual can easily be edited for use in any office.

Today we are presenting the first in a multi-part series that will be displayed on our various Silkin Management Group blog sites concerning the job description of a practice owner.


The Owner is responsible for the growth and profitability of the practice. He/she establishes the goals and objectives for the practice, decides on a plan of action and then ensures that the staff works in a coordinated effort to accomplish these aims. The Owner
sees that managers and staff are hired and educated to carry out and execute these plans efficiently.

The success of the practice and effectiveness of an owner are measured against
1) Practice Growth
2) Profitability
3) A productive staff with high morale
4) Patients whose needs are being met and
5) Improved quality of life for all those involved.

Basic Duties and Responsibilities

1. Set policies and procedures for the practice. These can be recommended and drafted by others, but policy should be approved by the owner before it’s implemented in the office.

2. Be a role model for the staff in terms of office policy and procedure, and use office policy and procedure manuals frequently to correct mistakes and improve staff performance.

3. Set a tone and attitude of professionalism and work toward maintaining accord among staff.

In our next Silkin Management Group blog we’ll present some additional job duties for the practice owner.

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