Some Points on Analyzing Your Practice or Business – Part 2

In a recent Silkin Management Group blog, we began a series of articles designed to help practice owners, whether Silkin Management Group clients or not, evaluate their practice. These articles are based on key functions that belong in any office of any size, or really any business. Without these functions properly in place any business will have difficulties to one degree or another.

Silkin Management Group consultants use these points as well as many other in-depth tools to properly analyze a practice and develop a step by step practice implementation program to resolve existing issues in a practice in a prioritized orderly fashion.

Today we’ll cover some key functions in the area of promotion, marketing and sales.

• Do you do any marketing or promotion to existing patients/clients?

• Is your marketing and promotion done by your own staff in-house or by outside parties?

• What kind of results are you getting and how do you know you’re getting those results?

• What kind of statistical tracking do you do on your different promotional efforts to evaluate what is working and what isn’t?

• What promotional marketing do you do to get new patients/clients?

• Is this done in-house or through external sources? How effective are each?

• Are you satisfied with the results?

• Do you have a method to evaluate your satisfaction with the results?

• What portion of your income is accounted for by new patients/clients versus existing patients/clients?

• Do you have an effective internal marketing program?

• Do you get lots of new patients from referrals?

• Does your staff know how to ask for referrals?

• How effective is your treatment plan acceptance?

• Do you have a way to monitor the effectiveness of your treatment plan presentations?

• How do you go about following up on large treatment plans and selling additional or new services to existing or old patients?

• Do you keep in communication with your old clients or customers? If so, how?

• Do you keep a file or record of past patients/clients?

• Do you have an effective reactivation program?

There are many more areas that Silkin Management Group consultants delve into in the area of marketing, promotion and sales to create a good flow of new patients, treatment plan acceptance and increased production and income without spending much on marketing. Expensive external marketing is not needed to bring in new patients, retain existing ones and reactivate past patients/clients.

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