The Mysteries of Practice Management

Are you interested in finding out how to increase the value of your practice? Teach practice management skills to your Office Manager!

Improving your bottom line is a primary concern to the owner of any private healthcare practice, whether you’re delivering dental care, optimizing your patients’ vision, or bettering the overall health of a client’s beloved pet.

One of the most basic rules of physics is that nothing remains the same. As time passes, your practice will either expand and become more & more profitable, or it will stagnate, have its needs outgrow its income, and eventually net profit disappears.

Put Yourself to the Test

The test of a trained practice owner is: can you control the practice, or are you constantly running yourself ragged, putting out brush fires, and trying to stay on top of problems like staff turnover?

The Silkin Owner System is a complete individualized practice management program of training, consulting & apprenticing. We give you the exact tools you need to arrive at a point of stepping away or stepping up in your practice.


By ‘stepping up’ I mean building a team, establishing an Office Manager and middle management, so you can wear the ‘owner’ hat, and drop the title of ‘one-person-band’.

‘Stepping away’ means transitioning when the time comes, for maximum profit, while maintaining the integrity of genuine care for your patients/clients.

The Practice Owner Puzzle

One of the key pieces of the owner puzzle is hiring, training and grooming an Office Manager who can consistently run the day-to-day functions of the practice, without requiring constant supervision, hand-holding, or worse – continuous bypass.

While there are many skills that go into being an ideal executive, today we’re going to talk about an obscure tool you can give your Office Manager that will not only make him or her more effective, it can actually increase their ability to portray the leadership qualities necessary to get the job done. This is Practice Management 101!

What is this tool? Symbology.

The word means, “The study and use of symbols” and it is one of the mysteries of leadership that most managers never discover.

Using symbology to increase the authority of your Office Manager can make them 85% more likely to gain compliance to directions given to your staff. And THAT makes your practice run smoothly.

Solving A Mystery of Practice Management

Think about it: what symbols represent leadership?

How about having a title? If you have a staff person who was hired as the receptionist, and now you’re trying to put them on as your Office Manager, say so!

Announcing their new status to the team sends a not-so-subtle message backing up their new authority, and can lead to greater compliance to orders…all by the simple use of a symbol: their new title.

Another example is having certification posted on the wall, such as the Silkin Basic Management certification. This visible symbol of learning can reinforce the impact of your new Office Manager’s words.


The way they carry themselves, the way they dress, even a name tag or pin to symbolize their new role can lend a hand in building the kind of leadership status your executives need if they are to succeed in their duties and run the practice team.


Establish Managers Who Really Manage

If you’re ready to get all your executives groomed up, and vectors aligned so you can be prepared to step away or step up, contact us today for a Practice Systems Analysis.

In a 60-minute call, our trained Service Consultant will cover all the checklisted points that are part of the different systems that must be in place for you as the owner to achieve your practice goals.

Contact Carol McLeod to schedule yours today.

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