Returning To Silkin For More: Consulting After The First Year


Returning For The 2nd Year.

Eighteen years ago, Dr. Brian Amison hired Silkin Management Group to help guide him. As a new practice owner, he appreciated the structure our methodology provided, but after the first twelve months he decided to strike out on his own.

This is a dilemma many practice owners encounter. To continue consulting after the first year, take all the wisdom of the past twelve months – the job description manuals, management training and statistics – or try to go off on your own.

As someone who has experienced our method both before and after other consulting firms – here is what Brian has to say:

Brian Amison, DDS

  • Award-Winning Dentist
  • Public Speaker
  • Owner of Amison Dental Group

As owner of Amison Dental Group, Canton, OH, Brian was interviewed about his experiences as a Silkin client throughout the past twenty years.

Silkin: Welcome, Dr. Amison!

Thank you so much for coming. Today we want to talk about what makes you unique among practice owners with Silkin – you’ve both been, and gone, and returned again! But let’s start at the beginning of your story. Why did you originally choose Silkin?

Brian: I started on my own in practice twenty years ago, and two years in I was burned out dealing with people and the business end of private practice. Silkin offered a way out of that and taught me the art of how to manage my office manager.

Silkin: So true. Okay, now play the devil’s advocate for us here – after that 1st year, you chose not to stick around. Why?

Brian: Probably not what you want to hear – but after twelve months, I decided what I had learned was enough – that I could probably handle things on my own and I chose not to renew my contract.

Silkin: I think that’s a question a lot of clients debate with. Did you hire other consultants during that time?

Brian: Yes. I dealt with other consulting firms and saw how they do things differently. What really made Silkin stick out was the ROI Guarantee in the contract. No other firms could offer that.

Silkin: Interesting! So is that what made you decide to come back to us?

Brian: No, it was more that I was looking to refine things. After that first year, I had the broad strokes of what to do – it was more about refining the way we do things and getting that statistical management in place to measure it.

Silkin: You’ve had two different Silkin consultants in the years you’ve been with us. How did that come about?

Brian: Our first consultant was a great fit, but he had retired shortly after I left. When we returned to Silkin, Scott Barnard became my consultant – and he is really great. He gives me an outside viewpoint and helps me find different ways to look at my practice and the problems we encounter.

Silkin: How has Scott helped you beat the pandemic closures & other obstacles in 2020?

Brian: We never stopped talking – even while we were essentially closed.

I think that is a big reason why we had our best month ever when we reopened! He also guided me on how to stay in touch with my staff during those days when we weren’t sure what was going to happen to the economy. That was powerful.

Silkin: Thank you so much for your time today! 

“After that first year, I had the broad strokes of what to do – it was more about refining the way we do things and getting that statistical management in place to measure it.” – Dr. Brian Amison

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