Why This Retired Dentist Still Recommends Silkin to New Graduates & Struggling Practice Owners


Better Control. More Profits. Less Stress.

Before Dr. David Barnes started the Silkin program, he had just completed an expensive remodel of his practice, and money was tight.

“That remodel was supposed to be the ‘solution to all my woes’. But one year later, I was inundated with patients, still had the same problems, and even more headaches!”- Dave

But then he got a call out of the blue. The surveyor on the phone asked him questions, and later offered him a plan to take better control of his practice.

“The Free Practice Analysis was exactly what I needed. I felt more in control, things started to run better and we saw more profits almost immediately.”

Now, twenty years later – we interviewed Dr. David Barnes to find out what it was like working with Silkin Management Group before and after his retirement.

Silkin: Hello! Thank you Dr. Barnes for joining us today. How is retirement treating you?

Dr. Barnes: Good! I miss the live events Silkin normally has – hopefully we’ll be getting together for the Owner’s Conference again next year.

That is definitely our hope, too! So, I understand you have been retired for thirteen years now, but you still recommend Silkin to new doctors or struggling practice owners! Why do you do it?

Dr. Barnes: Well, I like to talk to bright young people! New graduates or veteran practice owner – it doesn’t matter. They all have the same problem in common: they think they’re broken as a practice owner.

I like to tell them, “You’re not as badly broken as you think. Put your pride in a box and be willing to ask for help where you need it.”

Silkin: That’s powerful advice. I think a lot of Silkin doctors & practice owners want to refer their colleagues or friends, but often I hear that they don’t know HOW. You seem very successful at it! What’s your secret?

Dr. Barnes: I just tell my story. It’s not hard to brag about Silkin – I had a great experience and everyone I’ve sent to them says their quality of care is very high. They have the resources to help you, the tools, policies you need, and have a very strong ethical practices.

So I just tell them what it did for me, and then turn them over to Jody Simms. She has been with Silkin for decades. She’s very informed and low-pressure. I just tell them, “She can help you get on the right path. What you decide to do from there is up to you.”

Being retired, it’s really fun to stay connected and being a mentor helps me do that.

Silkin: What tips can you share with other Silkin clients who might want to join our referral program and introduce their colleagues to this method?

Dr. Barnes: It’s actually really simple. I honestly feel honored to be asked by Silkin to talk to potential clients and share my story, because I always enjoy meeting them and watching them have great success.

I try not to overwhelm the new person with a bunch of ideas. I know the Silkin program will teach them what they need to know.

But sometimes I’ll share a single tool I learned: like going up to the 10,000 ft. view when setting goals, or the “hatting = control = income” and the 4 Conditions of Exchange. (Editor’s Note: these tools are taught at the Basic Management Workshop.)

I sort of intuitively knew these things existed before Silkin, but I never really put my finger on them and I definitely couldn’t DO them!

Silkin: If you could mentor a new Silkin client, what advice would you give them for getting the most out of their first year of consulting?

Dr. Barnes: If you’re gonna spend the money, do every single thing they tell you to do! I see this sometimes, where a practice owner will sign up and then argue with their consultant or doubt their advice at every turn. Be willing to accept that they know more than you do on THIS subject.

Just like the consultant won’t tell you how to do dentistry, you know?

When you choose to work with Silkin, it doesn’t mean you’re a bottom-of-the-barrel practice owner. You’re probably actually the top of the crop because YOU can recognize the need for improvement and take action!

So don’t feel offended or embarrassed to be reaching out for help in managing your practice. That’s not what you went to school for. Let them help you, so you can do what you’re best at…what you ENJOY doing.

Silkin: Great tips! Thank you so much for joining us today.

“I honestly feel honored to be asked by Silkin to talk to potential clients and share my story, because I always enjoy meeting them and watching them have great success.” – Dr. David Barnes

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