The Veteran Vet

Dr. Tammy Stevenson grew up on a farm north of Cedar Falls, Iowa. She received her doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from ISU in 2000, and immediately went into practice while also volunteering at the local animal shelter in Winnebago County. But Dr. Stevenson is not only a veterinarian, but an Afghanistan combat veteran in the […]

RETIRED MEMBER of the Silkin Million Dollar Club

RETIRED MEMBER of the Silkin Million Dollar Club As the owner of Methven Family Vineyards in Dayton, OR, Dr. Methven was interviewed about his experience as a millionaire private practice owner and what it has meant for his career as a dentist to have a Silkin Consultant on speed Dr. Allen Methven started out as […]

Newest Member of the Silkin Million Dollar Club

Dr. Bryan Holman took his 9-person team to the top in 2019, with practice Production hitting the million dollar mark for the very first time, and more than a month still left in the year! Less than seven years since he purchased it, River Region Vision Source, a single location practice, has grown exponentially under […]

Leading A Practice Through The Coronavirus Crisis In New York City

Trend-Setting. When Ruth Domber is the topic of conversation, iconic is the most thrown-around word. After making her start in the optical industry at 16 as a receptionist for the local optometric practice, Ruth was unstoppable. She took out her first lease on a practice of her own at age 20. With now more than […]

From The Ashes: A Phoenix Rising Story From 2020

From The Ashes. When Dr. Shannon Mitchell set his goals at the beginning of 2020, like so many other doctors & practice owners, he never expected the interruption that would soon shake all our lives. But even before the appearance of COVID-19 on the scene, not all was idyllic in Mad River Eyecare. “I had […]

Returning To Silkin For More: Consulting After The First Year

Returning For The 2nd Year. Eighteen years ago, Dr. Brian Amison hired Silkin Management Group to help guide him. As a new practice owner, he appreciated the structure our methodology provided, but after the first twelve months he decided to strike out on his own. This is a dilemma many practice owners encounter. To continue […]

How One Orthodontist Built A Practice 5X the Size Working 5 Days Less Per Month

From Stuck & Overwhelmed to 5X. Before Dr. Sheldon Peck started the Silkin program, he felt stuck and overwhelmed. “I didn’t know ANYTHING about practice management! I was hitting this plateau in my practice, wasn’t making much personally after bills were paid, and I remember just thinking to myself, ‘This can’t be all there is […]

Thriving In Adversity: How Sales Training Impacted This Optometrist In 2020

Thriving In Adversity. When Dr. Darlene Anker signed up with Silkin Management Group in January 2018, she never dreamed that the training she and her team received would set a foundation for her optometric practice to thrive despite the coronavirus crisis. “I was just five years into practice, and I was working, working, working…but never […]