Accounts Receivable Management

A few days ago, on one of our Silkin Management Group blog sites we presented an article about how to do a quick evaluation of one’s accounts receivable. If, when completing this analysis, you find that your receivables are not doing well and/or you have a large amount of A/R’s over 90 days, you might […]

Job Duties for an Exam and Consultation Department in an Orthodontic Practice

Several days ago we presented information on general job duties for a Personnel and Communications Department in a health care practice. Today we’ll continue our discussion of organizational structure examples by taking up another department in a health care practice that Silkin Management Consultants work with their clients on. We will use a specialty practice, […]

The Mysteries of Practice Management

Are you interested in finding out how to increase the value of your practice? Teach practice management skills to your Office Manager! Improving your bottom line is a primary concern to the owner of any private healthcare practice, whether you’re delivering dental care, optimizing your patients’ vision, or bettering the overall health of a client’s […]