Interviewing And Selecting Employment Applicants

The personal interview represents the basic process to use for selecting the best available person for a job. Relying on the interview process for finding the right person demands that the interviewer possesses the necessary expertise for planning and conducting an effective interview. Great attention must be paid to the selection / interviewing process. By […]

How to Make More Time as a Practice Owner and Manager?

A common problem Silkin Management Group runs into with practice owners, particularly with those whose practices have grown, is that one day they’re running the practice and the next day the practice is running them. This creates a lot of stress for the executive for a number of reasons. I will address just a few of them: Practice […]

Handling Problems

In handling practice problems consider these six basic maxims: 1. Managing Control for Problem Resolution What you don’t or can’t control loses income. To the degree you are in control of these seven key areas of your practice, you will have a lower-stress, higher-income practice. To the degree you are out of control of these […]

Organization of the Practice

Organizing a Practice requires the know-how and understanding the elements of which a Practice is built. These elements include the aspects of overall Practice Management from an executive level viewpoint. The Practice Owner is primarily responsible for this and it is the Practice Owner who through good leadership accomplishes this. It is the Practice Owner […]

Some Ideas on a Job Description for a Practice Owner – Part 1

Although many clients of our clients have some form of job descriptions in their office, what they have is usually incomplete if not non-existent. And, even if they do have some job descriptions in place, we have never found a new Silkin Management Group client to have a job description for them as the practice […]

Some Points on Analyzing Your Practice or Business – Part 2

In a recent Silkin Management Group blog, we began a series of articles designed to help practice owners, whether Silkin Management Group clients or not, evaluate their practice. These articles are based on key functions that belong in any office of any size, or really any business. Without these functions properly in place any business […]

Accounts Receivable Management

A few days ago, on one of our Silkin Management Group blog sites we presented an article about how to do a quick evaluation of one’s accounts receivable. If, when completing this analysis, you find that your receivables are not doing well and/or you have a large amount of A/R’s over 90 days, you might […]

Job Duties for an Exam and Consultation Department in an Orthodontic Practice

Several days ago we presented information on general job duties for a Personnel and Communications Department in a health care practice. Today we’ll continue our discussion of organizational structure examples by taking up another department in a health care practice that Silkin Management Consultants work with their clients on. We will use a specialty practice, […]

The Mysteries of Practice Management

Are you interested in finding out how to increase the value of your practice? Teach practice management skills to your Office Manager! Improving your bottom line is a primary concern to the owner of any private healthcare practice, whether you’re delivering dental care, optimizing your patients’ vision, or bettering the overall health of a client’s […]

How to Market Your Healthcare Practice in 2022

What we find with most practice owners is that patient care and quality of treatment is what matters most to them. Marketing and promoting their services to get new patients usually takes a back seat. Practice owners, in most cases, not trained in marketing, especially digital marketing.   Unfortunately, one doesn’t have much choice today if […]